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Pet Spotlight

~A Family Affair~
  4 Rescued Beagles ~ Florally, Baxter, Lola &Trish ~

My name is Baxter, and I'm 7 years old.  I'm one of a four beagle household.  The most common phrase to describ walking style is "stubborn as a mule".  My thing to do is run away once a fortnight.  Hey, I just can't help it; my nose rules!  As for eats, I enjoy a spoonful of peanut butter, but any old food will do.  Did I mention I like to climb on tables?
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My name is Florally.
I'm a 5 year old beagle.  The  nice people at the rescue told my mommy that I lived  alone for a long time in the woods of West Virginia.  I  love to rip chew toys to shreds and then give a very  cute guilty look.                   
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Also, I really, really, really  love "beauty rolls" in the grass, and nothing is better than snow except piles of fall leaves.  Behind my girlish figure and playful demeanor is a warrior/fairy princess with psychic connections.  Finally, my mommy said I'm a good-hearted girl who would be a social worker if I  was a human!

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My name is Lola Belle, and I'm 11 years old.  I'm the boss of the household, and my siblings keep me busy.  It's my responsibility to track down Baxter when he runs away. 

I value my beauty rest, and love to lounge in bed.  I dislike cold mornings and despise the rain.  Three things I love the most are my mom's home cooking, praise from human admirers...

Image     and the arrival of my afternoon walking companions Anthony and Jenn.

My name is Trish,  a rescue beagle from Maryland, and I'm 12 years young.  I have a left rear ACL repair, and a sensitive tummy which means I have to watch my vittle diet.  Despite a few aches and pains, I still managed to bury my Christmas presents in the front yard.  Since I'm very opinionated,  I have a comment for everything.  Naturally, I think I AM the true boss of the household. Before I forget, I  love my daddy and squeaky toys.  In that order.