Paw Keepers Dog Walker - Client Experience Survey - Woodbridge, VA
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Client Experience Survey


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             Stephanie H.
             Montclair, VA
               Since 2009

           Sugar Baby


Sassy                                        Lulu                                         Duchess

Q  How did you hear about Paw Keepers? 
 A  We were looking for a pet sitting service after adopting two  The lady we adopted from recommended them as well as our neighbor.

Q  Did you use another pet sitting service, kennel, vet, family member or friend to care for your pets before you found Paw Keepers?  If so, what area (s) of our service do you feel is an improvement over the others? 

A  We used to board our pets at our local vet and then at the exclusive pet resort in Springfield. When we used Paw Keepers, we would return home and the pets were happy and well adjusted due to the personal care they received.  This was in contrast to the boarding situations where they were locked in cages and not able to enjoy the comfort of their home.  They took much longer to feel comfortable back home after being locked in cages.  Jenner and her team ensure that the animals go out, have and are given as needed.  She and her team leave a comprehensive note each day the care, make sure the house is cleaned up, and even leave soft music playing upon our return.  I never worry when my beloved pets are in Paw Keepers care.

Q  How did the service solve your pet care needs and improve your life, and that of your pets? 

A  Our life has enhanced not having to worry about our pets.  Jennifer has even stayed an extended time while we were out of town caring for a critically ill parent.  She would send pictures and call to let us know how our three dogs and cat were faring.

Q  Do your pets like their personally assigned pet sitter? 

A  It is apparent when the dogs wag their tails and run up to them to say hello.
Q  Are you likely to recommend my business to your friends and family?

A  Yes, I continue to recommend Paw Keepers to family, friends and clients.
Q  Finally, our slogan is, “Bringing Peace of Mind to Owners and Their Pets.”  That said, in your experience, can you give an example that will explain how our pet care service brings peace of mind to you? 

A  As noted throughout this testimonial, we trust Paw Keepers to take care of our beloved pets. They are like children to us, and we absolutely know that our pets are in perfect hands.  Paw Keepers combines professionalism with a true love of animals.