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Home Sweet Home

At Paw Keepers Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, we treat your pets like members of our own family. We understand that it can be difficult to leave your furry friends at home while you're at work or on vacation, which is why we provide professional, bonded, and insured pet care services to ensure that your pets' routine is continued in the safe and secure environment of their own home.

Our mission is to give you peace of mind, by providing a reliable and trusted service, letting your pets stay in the familiar surroundings of their home, and reducing their anxiety and yours, while you're away.

    Serving the Dumfries and Woodbridge areas since 2003, we are the pet care service you can count on.

 Forming a strong bond with your pets is key, and continuity plays a crucial role in that. At Paw Keepers Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, we understand the importance of consistency and reliability in pet care. That's why we ensure that your pets will always have the same dog walker and pet sitter, who will get to know them and understand their unique needs, providing a personalized and familiar experience, for them and for you. With a consistent routine and a familiar face, your pets will feel safe, loved, and secure and you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are in good hands.

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A smiling dog on a plush pet bed, who is under the watchful care of Paw Keepers dog walking and pet sitting service.

We Asked 

At Paw Keepers, we take great pride in the long-lasting relationships we have built with our clients and their pets over the past 19 years. Our goal is to help every client and pet live their best life, and we continuously strive to improve our services. 

We understand the importance of providing the best possible service and experience for our clients, that's why we regularly ask for feedback on their pet sitting experience through surveys. We use this feedback to constantly improve our services and tailor them to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We also regularly share feedback and comments on our website, so you can read about the experiences of other clients and make an informed decision about our services. 

We hope you will enjoy reading the insights provided by our clients, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Paw Keeper's family." 

​              Jennifer 

You Answered

Stephanie H.

Montclair, VA

Furbabies:  Sassy, Duchess, and Lulu

How did you hear about Paw Keepers?

We were looking for a pet-sitting service after adopting two The lady we adopted from recommended them as well as our neighbor.

Did you use another pet-sitting service, kennel, vet, family member, or friend to care for your pets before you found Paw Keepers? If so, what area (s) of our service do you feel is an improvement over the others?

We used to board our pets at our local vet and then at the exclusive pet resort in Springfield. When we used Paw Keepers, we would return home and the pets were happy and well-adjusted due to the personal care they received. This was in contrast to the boarding situations where they were locked in cages and not able to enjoy the comfort of their home. They took much longer to feel comfortable back home after being locked in cages. Jennifer and her team ensure that the animals go out, have, and are given as needed. She and her team leave a comprehensive note each day about the care, make sure the house is cleaned up, and even leave soft music playing upon our return. I never worry when my beloved pets are in Paw Keepers care. Continue reading...

A dog with a friendly smile for it's dog walker from Paw Keepers Dog Walking.

Baby Niko

" I am thrilled that I found Paw Keepers! Jennifer was so kind and caring on the phone, and I could tell that even before I met her how much she and her team care about the animals and pet owners. When I met Jennifer and one of her helpers Anthony I immediately felt at ease. She was so sweet and kind to my dog.  I would fully recommend Paw Keepers to anyone. It is truly the best!! "

Jessica, Woodbridge, VA 

“ In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Paw Keepers was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding.. Keep up the good work! ”

Christine, Dumfries, VA

Dog Walker Woodbridge, VA


“ Just wanted you to know how appreciative I am of Anthony's extra visits with the kids. It makes all the difference in the world. When I get home at night, Flo is sitting on the sofa with a dreamy smile on her face: "Anthony visited twice today!" she whispers. I think Anthony is the beagle whisperer. Thanks so much to both of you. "

John and Pam Dumfries, VA

Dog Walker


We have been fortunate to have Paw Keepers care for our beloved dog and our cats since 2007. Jenn and her team are reliable, trustworthy, and caring. I recommend Paw Keepers to anyone. "

Eric and Donna, Dumfries, VA

A small dog with big eyes, adorned in a purple harness, being walked by a Paw Keepers dog walker and pet sitting professional.


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Serving Dumfries and Woodbridge

 Pet Families Since 2003

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