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Paw Keepers Pet Sitting and Dog Walkers is a professional licensed and bonded pet sitting and dog walking service.  Our pet sitters are considered trusted members of the family.  So naturally, it's a comfort to know while at work or on vacation, you have someone to rely on to carry on your pet's routine in the safe, secure environment of their own home.   Our philosophy, in fact our reason for being, is  to bring you peace of mind while you are away from  home.  So let your pet stay home, and reduce their anxiety and yours. 

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"I am thrilled that I found Paw Keepers! Jennifer was so kind and caring on the phone and I could tell that even before I met her how much she and her team care about the animals and pet owners. When I met Jennifer and one of her helpers Anthony I immediately felt at ease. She was so sweet and kind to my dog and so was Anthony. I would fully recommend Paw Keepers to anyone. It is truly the best!!"
     Jessica, Potomac Club, Woodbridge, VA

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Do You Know How To
Brush Your Cat’s Teeth?

As a cat owner, you know firsthand that your cat is a fastidious groomer. While your cat is a pro at keeping it’s fur groomed and clean, it needs your help to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

There are foods, treats, and dental rinses designed to help control plaque and tartar buildup, but brushing will help remove the plaque before it has time to mineralize.

The hardest thing about incorporating dental care into the daily care routine for your cat is just getting started. Here's a link to a video series from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Feline Health Center that provides information about feline dental health, and demonstrates how to brush your cat’s teeth.

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Brushing Your Cat's Teeth Part 1 - Introduction

Client Experience

After 15 years in business, it's always heart
warming to receive positive comments about
our staff and services.  We asked clients to
complete a survey so that they could tell us,
in a bit more detail, about their experience,
and what the most important aspects of their
pet sitting experience are.  We use this
feedback to highlight where things are
working well and what's important to our

On a regular basis we'll use this area of the
website to share their feedback.  We hope
you will enjoy reading the views and
comments provided by our clients.

We asked, You said

Sugar Baby - Paw Keepers Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters


Sugar Baby

Stephanie H.
Montclair, VA
Since 2006

 What was your impression of the pet
sitter during your initial consultation visit?
 A  Eager, enthusiastic and willing to do a
wonderful job with our pets.  It was very,
very obvious that they absolutely adored pets
of all types.  

Q Why did you consider hiring Paw Keepers?

We needed a professional service with
someone we could trust and count on to follow through in a professional manner. 

Paw Keepers Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

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